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Jan. 20th, 2014

time for another kink meme!

Okay, okay, so if you're like me, you've scoured the internet looking for what you want and you've gotten to the point that you're not as picky as you'd like to be. We all say "this fandom is seriously lacking in ____" but let's be real, all fandoms are seriously lacking in chubby!kink or whatever you'd like to call it. So I was inspired by the Teen Wolf chubby!kink meme to make a Pacific Rim specific one because there at least seems to be some interest there. What I ultimately want is a network of chubby!kink memes so we can all get what we want and not feel like nobody wants this. A lot of people want this. We just can't find each other.
Just what do you mean by chubby!kink?
There are many terms for these kinks and this is just one umbrella term. It can refer to things like weight gain (natural or otherwise), stuffing, inflation of any sort, mpreg and oh wow look I'm going to link to this (and I really hope it's okay because the list in this is perfect and wonderful)
What is a kink meme???
I'd be a fool to assume that everyone knows how these work.  It goes pretty much like this:
1. Prompts are made as comments to this entry. One comment, one prompt. If you need to make more than one, use separate comments.
2. Fills are posted as replies to the original prompts.
3. Everyone is happy.

Can I reply to a prompt even if I'm not going to fill it?
If you want to show your love for an idea, go for it. What we're looking for here is a community. It's a wonderful feeling, being part of something that somehow lives in the comments of a journal entry.

How should I lay out my prompt/fill?
Formatting is super important. Writing out your prompts and fills in the correct way helps me to organise things and also helps potential fillers to locate your prompt. So if you want a fill, you should probably follow this format:

PROMPT: chubby!character, gen or ship(s) of choice, specific kinks or tropes you're looking for.
(yeah I stole that from the tw chubby!kink meme because it works so well)

so that should look like this

PROMPT: chubby!chuck/raleigh, stuffing, binge eating, shame
and then underneath, flesh out your prompt, add any context and details you would like

and fills should be done like so (stolen again because I can't find a better way ok)

FILL: title; chubby!whoever, other characters, and/or ships; rating (MPAA or AO3 system); warnings/kinks/genre/enticements.

which would look like

FILL: Down time; chubby!chuck, mako, gen; rating explicit; masturbation, stuffing, weight gain

How detailed can my prompt be? I'm thinking of something kind of specific...
That's fine! Details are good, really good, but try not to just bullet point the entire story. Give the writer something to work with.

Can I ask for things with other kinks, too?
Sure, just make sure at least one aspect of it is relevant to this meme.

The prompt I really wanted to fill already has a fill. Can I still write one?
Yes!!! Multiple fills are great!

Can I post my fills anywhere but here?
Absolutely. Prompts are just here to give you ideas and anything you create from them remains your own. If you want to link back to this meme wherever you post it, even better. Spread the word, guys.

Ground Rules
Bolded and underlined because these are important. Really important. I want everyone to have a good time so I'm going to keep these brief.

- Use warning labels where appropriate.
Use your heads here, okay. You don't need to warn for weight gain, that's why we're here. If you think something could be upsetting, add a warning. Obvious cases include: eating disorders, abuse, noncon, dubcon, mental illness, death, violence etc.

- Be nice
Don't hate on someone's kink. Think that prompt was gross? Someone probably thinks yours is gross too, just move on, this is a KINK meme.

- Stick to the templates when posting. It really helps.

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